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Professional Steam Extraction for Carpet Cleaning

The most popular option for home flooring has always been carpeting. Soft, warm and inviting they make a house feel comforting and calming. Dirty carpets though do not inspire the same feelings not to mention dirty carpets can be a health hazard with allergies and respiratory issues. Clean carpets are a must to keep your house feeling fresh, clean and appealing. There is something soothing about walking barefoot on a soft clean welcoming carpet.


These days modern carpet cleaning is not based on heavy chemicals that can damage your carpets over the long term. New clean methods are based on hot water steam extraction. The water is heated to over 200 degrees, which easily removes dirt, dust and pet dander. The pressurized heated water loosens and frees trapped dirt deep within the carpet fibers. The heated water loosens deeply ingrained stains and other particles that are deep within the carpet. This dirt is then removed through a thorough industrial vacuuming procedure. The advantage of this system is that it is soap free and safe for your carpets, the environment, pets and children. These modern cleaning techniques will not damage the delicate carpet fibers of any of your carpets and rugs and will help them last longer.

A terrific advantage of this kind of professional cleaning is that it reduces the allergens that made pervade your home. Your carpets tend to attract all kinds of microbes that can cause allergies from dust mites to pet dander. Vacuuming can bring these particles close to the surface of the carpet but may not remove all of them. Professional carpet cleaning will meticulously assist in the removal of these allergens and particles.

Those same particles can also cause long-term damage to your rugs and carpets. The abrasive nature of the particles that get wedged in between the fibers wears the fibers down like sandpaper causing visible patches and a roughness under foot. A good professional cleaning will extend the life of your carpets and keep them looking, smelling and feeling fresh. The benefits are obvious; your carpets will not require as frequent a replacement and will look new over a much longer period of time.

In today’s world, we also want to ensure that the practices we follow are environmentally friendly and the hot water extraction system has been shown to be the only environmentally friendly way to clean your carpets. There are no chemicals or non-biodegradable products used just simple hot water. Even if we require specific stain removers, we ensure that the products are biodegradable and wash away leaving no residue. This is green carpet cleaning at its best, safe for every carpet, every home and every person and pet that resides in the home.

Worried about drying time and having to leave the house for hours? Well steam extraction makes that a thing of the past. The drying time is virtually eliminated with this kind of cleaning and nothing is left behind. Your carpets are ready to be stepped on almost immediately. This method also means there is absolutely no risk of mold or mildew setting in like the old-fashioned methods.

Call Stewandy Cleaners Inc and we can provide you with a professional steam extraction in no time.

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