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How Housekeeping Matters: Your Workplace Environment

Have you ever sat in a dirty room after days of not cleaning and start to feel anxious? Once you’ve cleaned up that room, did your mood immediately feel uplifted, and you could breathe again? When it comes to the work environment, it’s no difference. Housekeeping in the workplace is imperative to the success and vibe of the office. Furthermore, you’ll be able to reduce the number of injuries seen!

These aren’t the only ways you can benefit from cleaning after yourself in your office, as your visitors will have a lasting first impression that won’t be negative. Let’s take a look at housekeeping management in your workplace, and see how you can amplify the environment.

Restore Safety by Removing Fire Hazards

One of the most important tips we can give is to remove anything that’s a fire hazard – not only materials, but the way the materials are placed. If you have to run to get to an exit, but there are a lot of things blocking the way, you may get fined for this or you may hurt yourself in the process of trying to evacuate. Any items that are considered combustible should be in a receptacle to protect them from being a fire hazard. You should also remove these receptacles by the end of the day, before everyone leaves so that nothing happens overnight.

Preventing Falling and Workplace Accidents

There’s nothing worse than having the days reset for when someone was injured around the office. While not everyone’s office space has something like this, a lot of labour-drive jobs do, but that doesn’t mean an office space is immune from injury. When you’re able to keep things off of the floor, tape down and cords, and make sure there are signs, and dry areas or wet floor signs up, you’re able to reduce the number of workplace accidents. Another great option for taping down cords is putting mats over these areas so that there is no risk of tripping.

Dust Control Matters

Did you know that around 5% of the surface in an office place is covered in dust? We’re talking a little bit of everyone’s desk, so if you know someone who is incredible at hoarding cob-webs, this may be even more than 5%. Those that suffer from allergies or lung issues like asthma can reduce the amount they may suffer when you use an industrial vacuum. Those that work in a woodworking area or another type of environment that creates dust should most definitely look into safety masks and industrial level cleaning supplies.

Creating Clutter-Free Areas

It’s important that you create a clutter-free environment or else you run the risk of harming at least one person in the office every day. Dispose of any trash or items on the ground that aren’t meant to be there, remove any instances that may have someone twist a weird way that would hurt them, and make sure your workstation is organized enough where you’re not running around like a chicken with your head cut off.

Learn more about how you can keep your office environment clean and de-cluttered by heading to Madam Clean Services today.

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