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Cleaning Tips When Moving Your Business

Moving into a new space can be a pain, and generally isn’t fun for anyone. Whether you’re moving to a new house or a brand-new work space, relocating can be an awkward transition.

Businesses often move into a new space because their company is growing, or has expanded to the point where they need more capacity for their employees. Although daunting, this can be a hugely exciting time for a business, and provides the perfect opportunity to streamline several procedural aspects of keeping a facility clean, safe and healthy.

When it comes to the actual moving, there are several ways to make the entire process more efficient. We’ve compiled a list of the key things you should consider when moving your business:

  1. Declutter Before You Move Before moving, you should consider what you’ll be taking with you to your new space; if you haven’t yet considered it, take some time to think about what really needs to be moving with your business. Better yet, schedule time on the calendar to declutter, and ask the whole team to pitch in and help. Use the ‘divide and conquer’ method: assign small groups to an area of the building and have them declutter each area.

  2. Dust Now that you’ve decided what is and isn’t coming with you, you’ll need to dust everything that you’ll be bringing. There’s nothing worse than moving into a sparkling clean new space only to fill it with residual dust from office furniture and supplies. This doesn’t need to be a mammoth task – disposable anti-bacterial wipes and a good old duster are all you need. Ask each employee to dust their own work space and equipment prior to the move, and you’ll be able to install clean items into a clean building.

  3. Call the Professionals You’ve weeded out what you don’t want to take with you, and dusted everything that you do – what’s next? Properly preparing your facility so that it’s ready for you to move in will be key, so you should consider the scope of cleaning that it will require. A good facility services company will be able to take over the cleaning and preparing of your new facility for you. They’ll also be able to provide those deep cleans that make a huge difference on day one.

  4. Know When to Schedule Cleanings You may want a professional facility services company to clean your new space before you arrive, but you should also consider scheduling a deep clean after you’ve moved in. The general debris that comes with unpacking and constructing furniture and other equipment will mean that your fresh and clean office could get dusty and dirty very quickly.

  5. Consider Your New Facility’s Needs Is your new facility bigger than your old one? Does it have more awkward, harder to reach places that need to be cleaned regularly? Does it have a sizable lobby, or lots of glass? If so, you might want to consider permanently bringing a professional service provider on board to service your facility, or switching providers if the new cleaning schedule is more demanding and will require a more specialized team in place.

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