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At Stewandy Cleaning Inc., we are dedicated to providing custom cleaning solutions for your business. Our team of trained professionals uses only the best cleaning products and equipment to ensure your space is left spotless. Whether you need a one-time cleaning or regular maintenance, we are here to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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Commercial Services


The Best Cleaning Products

At Stewandy Cleaners, we rely on the exceptional cleaning power of microfiber cloths. Composed of synthetic fibers, these cloths capture dust and bacteria effectively, providing a cost-effective and eco-friendly cleaning solution. Perfect for both home and industrial use, our commitment to quality cleaning starts with the superior performance of microfiber cloths.

In our commitment to maintaining top-notch cleanliness, Stewandy Cleaners employs industrial vacuums. These robust, high-powered machines are tailored for heavy-duty cleaning, with powerful motors and advanced filtration. Ideal for industries like manufacturing, warehouses, and construction, our choice of industrial vacuums ensures a clean, safe, and efficient workspace.

At Stewandy Cleaners, we prioritize health and safety, and our choice of disinfectants reflects that commitment. Whether in homes, offices, healthcare, or industry, our selected disinfectants swiftly eliminate bacteria, viruses, and pathogens. As a company dedicated to creating and maintaining healthy environments, we trust the effectiveness of these solutions.

Revolutionizing our approach to floor cleaning, Stewandy Cleaners relies on flat mops. With a sleek design, these mops reach tight spaces effortlessly, providing a thorough, streak-free clean on various floor types. Adjustable handles and easy-to-change mop heads make them a convenient choice for modern floor maintenance, reflecting our commitment to efficiency and effectiveness.

How frequently should a business undergo cleaning?

Ensuring a clean business environment is essential for success. The frequency of cleaning depends on factors like the type of business, number of employees, and nature of work.


High-traffic areas like washrooms need frequent cleaning, while offices can be cleaned weekly.


Restaurants require deep cleaning for kitchens, and offices need regular dusting and sanitization.


Seasonal cleaning is necessary to prepare for different weather conditions. 


Businesses should consider their budget and may outsource cleaning services for cost-effective solutions. A clean business enhances reputation, employee morale, and prevents health hazards, making it a top priority for all business owners.


Professional Washroom

We understand the importance of a clean and hygienic environment for your home. Our expert cleaning services cover every corner of your living space, ensuring that your washroom and yard are spotless and inviting. With our meticulous attention to detail and eco-friendly cleaning solutions, we guarantee a fresh and healthy living space for you and your family.

Washroom Cleaning: Our dedicated team of cleaners is equipped with top-quality cleaning supplies and a wealth of expertise to transform your washroom into a pristine oasis. From toilet bowl sanitation to mirror gleam, we leave no corner untouched.

Thorough Toilet Cleaning: We deep-clean your toilet bowl, eliminating stains and odors, ensuring a germ-free environment.
Sparkling Surfaces: Our experts clean sinks, countertops, and fixtures, leaving them shining and free from soap scum or toothpaste residue.
Crystal-Clear Glass: Mirrors and glass surfaces are meticulously cleaned for a streak-free, crystal-clear finish.
Floor-to-Ceiling Freshness: We sweep, mop, and sanitize the entire washroom, leaving your floors spotless and your space smelling fresh.

Professional Yard

A well-maintained yard enhances your curb appeal and provides a relaxing outdoor space. Our yard cleaning services ensure your outdoor area is pristine and inviting.

  • Debris Removal: We clear away fallen leaves, branches, and other debris, keeping your lawn, pathways, and garden beds clean and safe.

  • Patio and Furniture Cleaning: Patios and outdoor furniture are swept and wiped clean, providing a comfortable space for outdoor relaxation.

  • Bespoke Solutions: We understand that every yard is different. Our services are customized to meet your specific needs and preferences.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: Your satisfaction is our priority. We're not satisfied until you're thrilled with the transformation of your outdoor oasis.


Lunch Room

  1. Surface Wiping:

    • Wipe down all tables, countertops, and other surfaces with a disinfectant solution to remove any food particles, spills, and germs.

    • Pay special attention to high-touch areas such as door handles, light switches, and faucet handles.

  2. Floor Cleaning:

    • Sweep the floor to remove crumbs, dirt, and debris.

    • Mop the floor with a suitable cleaner to ensure it is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

  3. Trash Removal:

    • Empty all trash cans and replace liners as needed.

    • Dispose of trash in designated bins and ensure the area is tidy and free from any waste.

  4. Appliance Cleaning:

    • Clean and sanitize microwaves, refrigerators, and any other kitchen appliances inside and out.

    • Pay attention to spills and stains inside appliances to prevent odors and bacteria buildup.

  5. Sink and Dishwashing Area:

    • Clean and sanitize sinks, faucets, and surrounding areas.

    • Ensure dish racks are clean and organized, and any dirty dishes are properly washed or placed in the dishwasher.

  6. Restocking Supplies:

    • Check and refill soap dispensers, paper towel holders, and any other necessary supplies.

    • Ensure there are an ample number of clean utensils, cups, and plates available for use.

  7. Final Inspection:

    • Conduct a final inspection to ensure the lunchroom is clean, organized, and ready for use.

    • Address any areas that may have been overlooked or require additional attention.


Locker Room 

  1. Surface Wiping:

    • Wipe down benches, lockers, and other surfaces with a disinfectant solution to remove sweat, dirt, and germs.

  2. Floor Cleaning:

    • Sweep and mop the floor to remove debris and sweat buildup.

  3. Shower Cleaning:

    • Clean and sanitize shower stalls, faucets, and drains to prevent mold and mildew growth.

  4. Toilet and Sink Maintenance:

    • Clean and disinfect toilets, sinks, and other restroom fixtures.

    • Restock toilet paper, soap, and other necessary supplies.

  5. Odor Control:

    • Use air fresheners or odor neutralizers to maintain a fresh and pleasant atmosphere.

  6. Personal Hygiene Reminder:

    • Place reminders for users to clean up after themselves and dispose of any personal items properly.

  7. Final Inspection:

    • Conduct a final check to ensure the locker room is clean, sanitized, and ready for use.


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